#4 Tips To Help Improve Maths Results

To help you remember the the #4 Tips, use the acronym P.L.A.Y.

However, before you read this, stop! These are not quick fixes

If you want to succeed in Maths, you have to out in the work...

1️⃣ P for PRACTICE

Maths is a verb. 

The only way to learn mathematics, is to do mathematics.

We recommend 20 - 30 minutes a day of dedicated Maths practice, preferable from your Play! Maths Workboom ;)

It may seem like a lot at first, especially with other homework and extra-murals, however in the long run it will only make your life easier.

2️⃣ L is for LEARN from your mistakes.

If you don't get a problem right away, that's okay!

Maths is a SKILL that needs to be developed!

  If you make a mistake, make sure that you understand why it is a mistake.

  The next step is to correct the mistake and commit the correct answer to memory.

  Mistake + Correction = Learning

The important thing is to not to give up.

3️⃣ A is for ATTITUDE

As with everything in life, having the right attitude is key!

Saying "I am just not good at Maths" becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!

You become what you say!

As highlighted before, Maths is a skill that needs to be developed, even for the most gifted minds.

Say things like:

Everyone can be good at Maths, including me!

If I put in the work, I will see an improvement.

I am not scared of making mistakes - that is how I learn.

I never give up!

4️⃣ Y is for YOU.

YOU are UNIQUE and as such, so is your Maths journey.

Math is like being in shape and fit; you have to work at it.

Some people may need to workout longer or harder than others to get to the same level of fitness, but that does not mean some people can never get fit. 

It's the same with math!

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