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“Do you want Maths to be a struggle for years? 

Or do you want to join me and change your child's life, forever?”

Hi, I'm Anna! 

I  know that many kids really, really struggle with numbers.

That's why I have written these books with one goal:

  Make maths as simple and as straight forward as possible.

My promise to you is as follows:

At least one study-block and example in the book will make your child say,

“Wow, this makes sense. 

This is so easy, I get it now!” 

Kids using Play Maths books

Once this happens, they will be able to complete the activity with confidence, possibly for the first time ever.

And then the magic happens!

The next concept will start making sense.

And then the next concept.

 And the next.

And before you know it, Maths will become so simple and so clear that your child will love practicing in their Play! Maths book 😊

And with this, the results will follow!

And so will something else.

Something that every parent wants for their child:


I want your child to say:

I am good at Maths

“I am smart enough”

I can do this!”

And this self-belief is what will make all the difference, throughout your child's entire life.

Kids using Play Maths books

So, do you want your child to have that first “aha” moment!

Of course you do!

A Bundle Deal is what you need.

It Includes:

Hardcopy Learner + Answer Book.

Printable Assessments, Exams + more.

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✔️ Gr 1 - 7 Mathematics Bundle Deals 

✔️ Gr 1 - 7 Wiskunde Bundle Deals

Play Maths feedback from parents

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Play Maths feedback from parents

How do you get your products? 


The PDF tests and exams are emailed immediately. 

You print these out at home.


The hardcopy books are couriered to you asap.

We deliver these to you for FREE! 


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Play Maths feedback from parents

Let me know if you have any questions – always here to help!

Anna xx 💐 

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