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Are you sick of your child struggling with Maths homework that just doesn’t make sense?  

But you feel stuck because your child simply has to pass Maths...

Not only that, you know that he/she can achieve those high marks that scream, “this kid is going places.”

Well your child shouldn’t have to battle through every Maths lesson... or attend expensive extra lessons that may not even be helping.

So here’s the deal: 

Your child is smart and capable! And his/her Maths marks ought to reflect that. 

And pave the way to a bright and prosperous future. 🚀🚀🚀

He or she simply needs to practice, using the best material available. 

And that’s where we can help you like none other...

Our books make it super easy for your child to LEARN LIKE CRAZY! ✍️ 

So...why are these books different to the rest?

Well there's simply no fluff or filler - just tried and tested examples and exercises that make perfect sense to the person that matters most... your child. 

He or she will not only understand each concept but remember it with confidence.

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Writing Maths tests are daunting, right? Even for the most gifted minds.

You obviously want your child's test results to improve at school?

That's why you get multiple practice tests (and exams) in our Bundle Deals to help your child practice all the different types of questions before the actual test at school... leading to super-charged results!

So if you want to unlock your child's full potential, a Bundle Deal is just what you need...

It Includes:

✅ Hardcopy Learner Book + Answer Book. 

✅ PDF Assessments and Exams/Quizzes etc.

Approximately x2 Assessments per Term (8 in total) AND x2 Exams for Term 4 included. All Memos are included too...

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🏅 Gr 1 - 7 Mathematics Bundle Deals 

🏅 Gr 1 - 7 Wiskunde Bundle Deals


Prevent gaps from forming and get your child practicing and improving, right away!

How do you get your products?

  • The PDF tests/exams are emailed immediately. [Print out at home]

  • The hard-copy books are couriered to you asap. 

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Let me know if you have any questions – always here to help!

Anna xx 💐 

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