Our Grade 4 Play! Maths Promise

I think you'll agree with me when I say:

Many children are struggling with Grade 4 Maths.

And, it's really hard to to get the right help and start doing well in tests and exams.

Well, we have done our absolute best to help, without breaking the bank!

Our Promise

Our Play! Maths workbook for Grade 4 has been written with you and your child in mind.

The book includes:

1.  Drill exercises to practice the basics and build a solid foundation

2.  Mathematically sound, age-appropriate and easy to understand methods.

3.  Step-by-step examples, with diagrams and pictures, followed by similar exercises to practice.

4.  "Hands-on" exercises where learners draw, circle and shade.

5.  Challenging problem solving questions set to a high standard.

6.  Revision exercises to solidify each concept.

Here are some preview pages:

And, that's not all...

We also have practice Grade 4 Assessments, Exams and Quizzes.

We have combined this in a Grade 4 Bundle Deal for you!

What's included?

  • Grade 4 Learner Book

  • Hardcopy Answer Book

  • Grade 4 Assessments │ Term 1

  • Grade 4 Assessments │ Term 2

  • Grade 4 Assessments │ Term 3

  • Grade 4 Assessments │ Term 4

  • Grade 4 Exam 1 

  • Grade 4 Exam 2 

  • Grade 4 10-Point Quiz #1, #2 & #3

  • ×2 – ×12 Worksheets | Werksvelle

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