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Our Term 4 Mental Maths worksheets are currently available for free!

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Mental Maths is an amazing tool for:

⭐ extra practice 

⭐ revision

⭐  staying "sharp"

And now you will have access to the best Term 4 Mental Maths Worksheets for your child. 

Memos are also provided which makes marking quick + easy.

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Mental Maths does not replace practicing in your Play! Maths Book or school Maths book. 

It is simply a quick and easy way to revise work and keep your Maths Skills sharp.

BEWARE - Don't skip this.

 If your child does not understand the Maths in the book that you are using, consider getting a book that works for your child.  

Working out of a book that doesn't make sense to your child is:

👎🏻 the worst thing for your child's academic future.

👎🏻 a waste of time + money

👎🏻 causes more problems down the line 

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Click on each link to download your worksheets. 

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 Afrikaans Hoofrekene at the end. 

Grade 1  Mental Maths

Gr 1 Mental Maths_Term 4.pdf

Gr 1 Mental Maths_Term 4_MEMO.pdf

Grade 2 Mental Maths

Gr 2 Mental Maths_Term 4.pdf

Gr 2 Mental Maths_Term 4_MEMO.pdf

Grade 3 Mental Maths

Gr 3 Mental Maths_Term 4.pdf

Gr 3 Mental Maths_Term 4_MEMO.pdf

Grade 4 Mental Maths

Gr 4 Mental Maths_Term 4.pdf

Gr 4 Mental Maths_Term 4_MEMO.pdf

Grade 5 Mental Maths

Gr 5 Mental Maths_Term 4.pdf

Gr 5 Mental Maths_Term 4_MEMO.pdf

Grade 6 Mental Maths

Gr 6 Mental Maths_Term 4.pdf

Gr 6 Mental Maths_Term 4_MEMO.pdf

Grade 7 Mental Maths

Gr 7 Mental Maths_Term 4.pdf

Gr 7 Mental Maths_Term 4_MEMO.pdf

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Graad 1 Hoofrekene

Gr 1 Hoofrekene_Kwartaal 4.pdf

Gr 1 Hoofrekene_Kwartaal 4_MEMO.pdf

Graad 2 Hoofrekene

Gr 2 Hoofrekene_Kwartaal 4.pdf

Gr 2 Hoofrekene_Kwartaal 4_MEMO.pdf

Graad 3 Hoofrekene

Gr 3 Hoofrekene_Kwartaal 4.pdf

Gr 3 Hoofrekene_Kwartaal 4_MEMO.pdf

Graad 4 Hoofrekene

Gr 4 Hoofrekene_Kwartaal 4.pdf

Gr 4 Hoofrekene_Kwartaal 4_MEMO.pdf

Graad 5 Hoofrekene

Gr 5 Hoofrekene_Kwartaal 4.pdf

Gr 5 Hoofrekene_Kwartaal 4_MEMO.pdf

Graad 6 Hoofrekene

Gr 6 Hoofrekene_Kwartaal 4.pdf

Gr 6 Hoofrekene_Kwartaal 4_MEMO.pdf

Graad 7 Hoofrekene

Gr 7 Hoofrekene_Kwartaal 4.pdf

Gr 7 Hoofrekene_Kwartaal 4_MEMO.pdf

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