This step is the "secret".

Here it is.

Re-do any work that you did not understand!

  • Almost all topics covered in Maths are linked.

  • You have to understand one topic before moving onto the next topic.

If you skip this step, you are:

  •  setting yourself up for failure.

  •  wasting your time.

  •  making Maths more difficult than it actually is.

This is why we only practice new work every second day. To allow time for re-do's.

  • It is normal to not "get it" right away.

  • Re-doing work is not a bad thing. 

  • It is the very reason why you are going to succeed!! 

Got any questions about this?

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Look at this sample schedule:


  • Practice for 45 minutes and mark work for 15 minutes.

  • It went well! Yay!


  • 15 minutes of Mental Maths [See Step 4]


  • Practice for 45 minutes and mark work for 15 minutes.

  • It went badly :(

  • I am going to STOP working today because I am tired.

  • I know that if I am tired: 

    • I can't focus.

    • I get stressed.

    • The work is 10 times harder than it actually it.

  • Tomorrow, I will simply re-do the work.


  • Re-do the work from yesterday.

  • Skip Mental Maths.

  • Work for 45 minutes, mark for 15 minutes.

  • It went well!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 

  • Rest!

  • Unless you have a test coming up.

  • See Step 5.

Skipping this Re-Do Step is the biggest reason why most people hate Maths. But you're not "most people"... right?