Work through Term 3 in your Play! Maths Learner Book. 

  • Start at the beginning of Term 3. ✔️

  • Practice for 45 minutes every second day. ✔️

  • Do not jump around. ✖️

  • Do not skip sections. ✖️

If you don’t have a Play! Maths book: 

  • Simply use the school workbook or any additional workbook that you have. ✔️

    • Make sure that all Term 3 topics are covered in the book. 

    • Make sure that there are enough exercises for each topic.

  • If your child does not understand the Maths in the book that you are using, consider getting a book that works for your child.  ✖️ 

  • Working out of a book that doesn't make sense to your child is a big waste of time! ✖️ 

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Don't give your child a fixed number of pages to do every day...

  • Some pages will take longer to complete, others will be quicker.

  • You don't want your child to rush simply to complete the pages you have given.

  • You also don't want your child to get tired and lose focus.

  • The goal is for your child to:

    • understand the work properly.

    • develop a structured routine.

    • enjoy doing Maths.


That's why we recommend:


  • Maths is about focus and concentration.

  • As soon as a child gets tired, he or she stops focusing and stops learning. 

  • A child needs to be able focus for at least 45 minutes.

    • If he/she struggles with 45 minutes, start with 30 minutes. 

    • Increase the time slowly i.e. 35min, 40min, 45min.

  • If your child works easily for 45 minutes, increase this time to maximum 1 hour.

  • Remember, you do not want your child to be too tired to mark his/her work. [See Step 2] ✖️

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See preview pages of our Learner Books here.

  • They are available in ENGLISH and AFRIKAANS

  • Complete Answer Books are available.

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