Term 3 Maths/ Wiskunde Tests - Most Kids Fail

Can your child successfully complete the Grade appropriate tests below? [Most Fail] 

  • Click, Download, Print.

  • Allow +/– 1 Hour 

  • Memos are provided at the end of each test

If he or she cannot answer each question correctly, then I have great news for you... scroll to the end to find out why.


Grade 3/ Graad 3

Gr_3_Term_3_ Assessment_1.pdf

Gr_3_Kwartaal_3_ Assessering_1.pdf

Grade 4/ Graad 4

Gr_4_Term_3_ Assessment_1.pdf

Gr_4_Kwartaal_3_ Assessering_1.pdf

Grade 5/ Graad 5

Gr_5_Term_3_ Assessment_1.pdf

Gr_5_Kwartaal_3_ Assessering_1.pdf

Grade 6/ Graad 6

Gr_6_Term_3_ Assessment_1.pdf

Gr_6_Kwartaal_3_ Assessering_1.pdf

Grade 7/ Graad 7

Gr_7_Term_3_ Assessment_1.pdf


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